The Turnkey Option

Our ready-to-drive kit cars are beautifully finished with any two-colour design that you want. They are competitively priced, can be left or right-hand-drive and are suitable for racing as well as for your daily drive. All our cars meet the demanding New Zealand codes of competence, roadworthiness and environmental impact, and come with a racing-approved rollbar and anchorage for three or four-point safety harnesses.

Our Cars

The delux kit is $75,000.

With a GT40 New Zealand delux kit car, you will need to add an engine and transmission exhaust wiring radiator and plumbing gauges switches fuel tanks and pumps and lights. Realistically you need to budget for at least another $25k for a car that can be registered for road use in New Zealand

All our cars come with a five or six speed Audi or Porsche transaxle as standard, which is guaranteed to last for over 400 HP. Alternatively, you can supply your own choice of gearbox and receive a $4,000 discount. Our cars take ZF, Porsche 915, G50, G50/50 and Audi 5000 gearboxes. You will also need to supply a clutch, bellhousing, CVs and a driveshaft to match your choice of gearbox.

Our kit cars also include an exhaust system with a high-performance coating on both sides to improve gas flow.

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The Process


At GT40New Zealand, we are always on hand when you may need assistance with your build. We are dedicated to ensuring your GT40 build is efficient and enjoyable. That’s why we always strive to make our build kits as accurate and easy to follow as possible. If you have any questions about your build, you can contact us anytime. We are here to help and want to make your build and owner experience exceptional. Email is generally the best way to get in touch with us regarding any queries you might have, as it allows us to respond with explanatory pictures and relevant links.

Our cars come supplied with a comprehensive build manual populated with in-depth instructions and illustrations. These manuals contain sequential instructions that describe the build process with a high level of detail. Build logs can be posted on our website, and you can view GT40 build logs from other builders to see what they are doing with their cars. You can also post questions about your vehicle build and any other queries you might have.
Depending on your skill level and how much assembly work you can do yourself, you can build a road registrable car for as little as $70K, as many of our existing customers have already done. However, GT40New Zealand can also supply you with everything you need to complete your build, down to the last nut, bolt and widget. In which case, a standard registrable car will cost around $137K (including GST). Aside from the tires and paint job, this will give you everything you need to complete a New Zealand compliant vehicle.
Assuming you have constructed your car in accordance with compliance laws, then registration is very straightforward. Our recommended vehicle build design, as well as chassis and component designs, take New Zealand’s compliance obligations into consideration. You can also work closely with our compliance engineers throughout your build, to ensure your registration sign-off goes smoothly.