Our ready to drive cars are beautifully finished in any 2 colours and design you want and competitively priced. They can be left or right hand drive. Suitable for street use or racing. They meet the demanding New Zealand codes of competence and road worthiness. We include a roll bar approved for racing and there are anchorages for 3 and 4 point seat belts.

What we do

A car complete except for it's engine is priced at $75,000.

It includes Koni shocks and a high quality paintjob in any two colours and any design you want. It has a 5 or 6 speed Audi/porsche transaxle good for over 400 Hp You can use other gearboxes if you prefer but we don't supply them. Our cars take ZF, Porsche 915, G50, G50/50 and Audi 5000. If you supply your own gearbox we will discount the price by $4,000. You will also need to supply bellhousing, clutch, CVs and driveshafts to match your choice of gearbox. and an exhaust system with a high performance coating both sides that improves gas flow .
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The Process

There are times when you may need a little support, and even a little help. We are always on hand to help you make your GT40 build as efficient and enjoyable as possible. GT40 New Zealand want your GT40 to be as professionally built as possible. That is why we have made our “build kits” as accurate and easily understood as possible. Please never be afraid to ask questions, contact us (particularly by email as it allows us to respond with explanatory pics) for anything at all as we are here to help and want to make this build and owner experience exceptional for you.
A comprehensive build manual populated with an extensive display of illustrations and instructions. It shows sequential instructions that describe the build program in great detail.Build Logs on the website where anyone can post questions regarding their vehicle build and any other queries they might have. You can also view other GT40 builders build logs to see what they are doing with their car.
Depending on your skill level and how much assembly work you arrange yourself, you can build a road registrable car from as little as $70k. We have customers who have done exactly that. GT40 New Zealand can of course supply you with absolutely everything (every nut bolt and widget), then a standard registrable car would be $136,721 Inc GST and includes everything except paint and tyres to construct a complete New Zealand compliant vehicle.
If you have constructed your car in accordance with compliance laws, then registration is very straight forward. Our recommendations on vehicle build and our part & component designs take New Zealand compliance obligations into consideration. Working closely with our compliance engineer throughout your build will ensure a smooth sign off for registration.