GT40 deluxe rolling chassis package consists of all of the parts listed in the Rolling Chassis kit and the following parts fully assembled.
  1. Aluminium panel set
  2. Body hinges and fittings
  3. Door hinges and fittings
  4. Exterior door handles and door locks mechanism
  5. Front and Rear body over centre catches
  6. Body locating cones
  7. Dzus fasteners
  8. Door seals
  9. Stainless steel body straps
  10. Edge finishers
    All the aluminium panels will be fully fitted and sealed, all the body panels will be fully hung, fully fitted and gaped, ready for paint preparation. All is needed are a set of slave wheels and tyres and your GT40 is able to be rolled out of the 20 foot container.
    $75,000 Ex Melbourne

    Packing and Shipping from our factory in Melbourne is currently $4000 please contact us for a more accurate shipping cost
  11. The GT40 rolling chassis package contains all of the components listed in the Body Chassis kit and the following parts fully assembled
    Suspension System
  12. Chassis and suspension parts sandblasted and powder coated
  13. 3mm aluminium floor blank
  14. Front top and bottom ball joints
  15. 2 x 322mm front one piece rotors
  16. Rear stub axles, drive flanges and bearings
  17. 2 x 315mm rear one piece rotors
  18. 4 x coil over shock absorbers
    Braking System
  19. 2 x AP Racing front calipers with pad
  20. 2 x AP Racing rear calipers with pads
  21. Brake proportioning valve
  22. Complete hand brake assembly (internal shoe type)
  23. Triple master cylinder pedal box
  24. 3 x master cylinders
  25. Brake pipes and flexible hoses
  26. Hand brake lever and cables
    Steering System
  27. Steering column
  28. Steering rack
  29. Steering intermediate shaft
  30. Moto Lita steering wheel with aluminium boss
  31. The GT40 basic component package consists of the following items :
  32. Front body section with light boxed bonded in place
  33. Front light box covers
  34. Front hatch panel ( single or twin openings )
  35. Rear body panel with light boxes bonded into place
  36. Rear light box covers
  37. 2 x double skinned doors complete with side intrusion bars
  38. 2 x door pocket
  39. Double skinned roof section (called a spyder)
  40. 2 x sill s
  41. 2 x door retaining eyebrows
  42. Dash

  43. Chassis
  44. Fully triangulated space frame chassis
  45. 2 x lower front wishbones
  46. 2 x upper front wishbones
  47. 2 x rear top links
  48. 2 x rear lower reverse ‘A’ frames
  49. 4 x rear drag links
  50. 2 x fully machined front aluminium uprights
  51. 2 x fully machined rear aluminium uprights
  52. all suspension bushes, ferrules and rose joints
    Construction Manual